What is the biggest what-if scenario in NBA history?

  1. What if Bill Walton stayed healthy and played for the Trailblazers his whole career?
  2. What if Arvydas Sabonis played his prime with the Trailblazers?
  3. what if Maurice Stokes never got paralyzed following the injury he had in 1958 and teamed up with Oscar, Jack Twyman and Jerry Lucas?
  4. What if the ABA never existed? Connie Hawkins would immediately join the Suns. Rick Barry would play for the Warriors with Nate Thurmond his whole career. Artis Gilmore would play for Chicago in his prime with Bob Love. Dr J would play for Atlanta Hawks in his prime with Pete Maravich and Lou Hudson. Dan Issel would play for Detroit Pistons in his prime with Dave Bing. Mel Daniels would play for Cincinnati Royals with Oscar and Jerry Lucas.
  5. What if Finals MVP, DPOY, blocks and steals were tracked since the 1950s? How would that change Wilt Chamberlain and Bill Russell’s career?
  6. What if David Thompson didn’t have drug issues and played his whole career as a Nugget with Dan Issel and Bobby Jones?
  7. What if Tracy McGrady, Grant Hill and Penny Hardaway all stayed healthy and played on the Magic together?
  8. What if Bernard King didn’t get injured in his prime? What if Derrick Rose didn’t get injured in his prime?
  9. What if the Lakers got CP3 in the trade and played with Kobe and Gasol in his prime?
  10. What if Len Bias and Drazen Petrovic didn’t die?





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