What is the absolute best electric guitar solo?

Hmm, here are a few of my personal favorites

Free Bird – Lynyrd Skynyrd (Allen Collins & Gary Rossington) – incredible dual guitar solo that is still one of the best to play in a Rock Band or Guitar Hero game in front of your friends

Hotel California – The Eagles (Don Felder & Joe Walsh) – again, great dual guitar solo here. 1a and 1b for this and Free Bird.

Ten Years Gone – Led Zeppelin (Jimmy Page) –actually I had Stairway to Heaven which has a great solo but Ten Years Gone is an underrated song and the solo in this song fits it perfectly. beautiful, melodic and a great display of Jimmy’s songwriting capabilities.

Bold as Love – Jimi Hendrix – the guitar solos in this song showcases how great Hendrix was as a master of crafting guitar solos and melody. Not only does he use the Axis Fuzz effect and a Leslie speaker in this solo but it has a fake fadeout in it as well which leads to another solo, awesome.

Highway star – Deep Purple (Ritchie Blackmore) – oh yeah. before Van Halen’s eruption you had Ritchie Blackmore and the speed picking on this song. Impossible not to bang your head to.

Sultans of Swing – Dire Straits (Mark Knopfler) – another good tasteful one, similar to Hotel California in rhythm in many ways

Maggot Brain – Funkadelic (Eddie Hazel) – ok well the entire song is basically a solo, but man! what emotion and great use of the wah pedal! Eddie Hazel was underrated

Green grass and High tides – The Outlaws (Hughie Thomasson) – another classic Rock Band / Guitar Hero jamming song with an incredibly long solo

Blue Sky – Allman Brothers (Duane Allman & Dicky Betts) – the dual guitar solo in this song isnt quite Free Bird level but almost there. If you love Southern Rock this solo is a classic.

Mr Crowley – Ozzy Osbourne (Randy Rhoads) – this solo is what I think of when I think of Randy Rhoads. Neoclassical melody with some shredding. Van Halen got some good stuff too but imo this solo beats any of Eddie’s including Eruption

Comfortably Numb – Pink Floyd (David Gilmour) – David Gilmour has got a feel for the emotional side of solos – he doesn’t shred that much but you can feel every note is important. And this is his best solo.

November Rain – Guns N Roses (Slash) – I think this is Slash’s best performance in GnR. Two great solos, neither of which are overdone, and both are tasteful. Love this song.

Amazing – Aerosmith (Joe Perry) – this is an underrated Aerosmith song and the ending guitar solo is great, one of my favorites.