What is socially acceptable in Korea that would be horrifying in America?

Women baring their legs in skirts and shorts so short that sometimes you can’t even see them. Some of my Korean friends went to the US and got mistaken for a prostitute because of the way they dressed.

Here’s the school uniform in Korea

Granted this isn’t the exact one they wear in school but you often see girls outside with these shorter uniforms and no one really cares. If a young girl walked around wearing this in America she will definitely raise a few eyebrows. One of the fundamental differences I noticed about fashion in Korea vs America is that legs aren’t considered sexy in Korea but if you wear a tank top in Korea as American women often do you will get strange looks. It’s quite the opposite in America I think.

Edit: clarification to my answer here, it’s not that wearing miniskirts are unacceptable in the West; I’ve lived in California before so obviously I’ve seen women wearing them before, but the important difference about Korea is how ubiquitous it is, and how Koreans just do not see it being as sexy as Americans do. Usually Westerners wear short pants or skirts if it’s hot outside or going to the club; Koreans just seem to wear it everywhere and even in the winter and it’s not just some girls but a majority that’s the difference.