What is LeBron James’ history of being a shadow GM in his career?

Not much, honestly. I find it ridiculously overblown by haters.

Just like how haters exaggerate stuff like the 2011 Finals (JJ Barea didnt guard Bron for the entire series or even for the majority of a game) or make a huge deal of him ‘jumping teams’ when he only played for 3 teams in his 20 year career, the ‘LeGM’ ‘handpicking teammates and getting them traded’ and ‘coach killer’ labels is all exaggerated by the haters.

Let’s go through each phase of his career.

2003–2010 – Bron certainly wasn’t ‘hand picking’ or recruiting guys in his first CLE stint. And Mike Brown wasn’t fired either not sure where people got the idea that he got him fired. Brown was the Cavs coach up until Bron left.

2011–2014 – This is where Bron became a villain for teaming up with Bosh and Wade. See, this is actually the Heat organization choosing to sign Bron and Bosh as free agents, but Bron gets all the blame for ‘creating a superteam’. What’s the difference between the Heat trading for Bron and then signing for Bosh vs Bron joining them as a free agent? Nothing, but the haters will make it seem like Bron committed the unspeakable evil of exercising his freedom as a free agent.

2015–2018 – Bron strikes again with his GM powers. He mind controlled the Cavs organization to sign Love, then he got Wiggins traded, Blatt fired, he forced his former teammates Wade and James Jones to play with him. Bron is evil and must be stopped.

2019–2023 – Bron’s LeGM powers grow. He forced the Lakers to trade away all time superstars like Lonzo Ball, Josh Hart, Jordan Clarkson, Brandon Ingram and made them get AD. He then got Luke Walton fired and replaced with Frank Vogel and got him fired and replaced with Darvin Ham! He also forced his former teammates Tristan Thompson, Dwight, Rondo to all play with him again! He also made the Lakers organization let go of Caruso even though Bron actually wanted him to stay but I guess his mind control wore off that time. But he committed the ultimate crime of getting Westbrook and trading away Kuzma. All the Lakers fans are pissed because they could have won multiple championships with Ball, Hart, Ingram etc but they got stuck with only one ‘bubble’ championship with AD, a bubble championship that is an asterisk because the Lakers got TOO much rest and AD who normally would have been injured didn’t get injured! And Lakers benefitted from not having home court advantage and missing Avery Bradley so that bubble ring doesn’t count. However, when the Lakers got rid of Westbrook and improved their roster by adding Vanderbilt and Monk that wasn’t Lebron because it was a good thing for the team so that was all Pelinka, we all know Bron can’t do good things for the team only negative things.

Now Bron is mind controlling Kyrie and the Mavs org to get him traded there! How dare he! We all know that when other players like KD and Harden and Kawhi demanded a trade or when Curry recruited KD or when Giannis/Harden/KD all got their coaches fired none of that ever counts, and only when Lebron does it it’s the most evil thing ever!

(See how much sarcasm is in my answer?)

FYI just think logically. If Bron traded his teammates all the time, why would so many continue to come back to play with him again? So is Bron a toxic teammate or not? If he is, then how can he be ‘recruiting’ players if he was truly toxic nobody would want to play with him again right? So there’s a lot of contradictory hater narratives going on here. Just like with the stat padding / quitting on his team thing (how can he be stat padding yet be a quitter at the same time?) or the he has a stacked superteam / doesnt make his teammates better (how can his team be stacked if he doesnt make them better?) or the East is weak / most Finals losses (being the best team from a weaker conference naturally makes you the underdog against the best team from the stronger conference right?). These haters always make contradictory narratives up all the time, the real problem is casual NBA fans seem to lap all this BS up.


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