What does LeBron James’ performance in the game against Denver Nuggets say about his legacy as an NBA player?

I think his performance this entire playoffs show that he’s clearly declining and far from his prime. He can still get his numbers in spurts and play fairly well off the ball and some decent defense sometimes. But he’s no longer the MIA or CLE Lebron that can just will a team to victory anymore.

That 40 point near triple double in Game 4 is pretty much all 38 year old Lebron could muster from himself now. He pretty much gave it his all and played all 48 minutes. Wasn’t enough. Nor can he do that every game like he used to.

He’ll probably need surgery on his ankle after this season as it’s clear he’s been playing through injury (haters say he faked his injury until the playoffs but f*** them, Bron obviously looks different from January). And yeah, he’s still a very good NBA player but not one of the top players in the league nor even the best player on his own team anymore. And that’s fine, because this is his 20th season. What do you expect?

Haters who think this somehow stains his legacy can f** off. Jordan and Kobe would never!! never get to a conference finals at age 38 that is. Jordan missed the playoffs as a Wizard and Kobe never made a WCF after age 31. Both have gotten swept before in their primes just like Lebron did. So that’s all I have to say about that.

^ typical example of the hater comments online. See, I’m not cherry picking anything here literally on any Bron post 90% of the comments are hate. So Bron puts up a near 40pt triple double at age 38 on a bum ankle? Doesn’t matter because he wasn’t as good in the second half and he lost. But when Jordan had 63 and got swept or when Kobe had 50 still loses and blows a 3–1 lead.. nobody said a thing. Bron does it in year 20 and gets hate for losing against a 1 seed. This is the ridiculous double standard going on here that I hate.

^ no faked injury here.. Bron played the whole playoffs with a torn tendon and still got hate for it smh if Jordan and Kobe did the same thing at age 38 they would get praised for eternity.


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