What are the top 10 best Disney movies?

Since Disney has such a vast array of films, I’m gonna keep my top 10 to purely Disney Animated Studios which means no Lucasfilm, no Marvel, and no Pixar.

  1. The Lion King – this was the peak of the Disney Renaissance and probably the typical example of the perfect Disney 2D film in every way
  2. Beauty and the Beast – same as above. they could be 1a and 1b really
  3. Aladdin – another all time great film not just Disney film but an all time great animated film in general
  4. The Little Mermaid – The film that kicked off the Disney Renaissance
  5. Tarzan – love the music and story and animation, one of the last hand drawn 2D animated films by Disney
  6. Hercules – I think this film is an underrated classic
  7. The Emperor’s New Groove – again, I feel like this film should have been part of the Disney Renaissance because it is hands down one of the funniest Disney films – it may not have the catchy songs but humor wise its great
  8. Frozen – what can I say this is the film that restarted the revival of Disney? After years looming in Pixar’s shadow, finally their animation studios have caught up
  9. Big Hero 6 – great story and cast, and pretty amazing considering this was originally a Marvel property that people didn’t really know about and Disney turned it into something great
  10. Wreck it Ralph – One of my favorite films especially as a gamer, I was surprised how well it worked