What are the things that are ONLY in Canada, but not in US?

Lived most of my life in Canada and a good 5 years in the US to answer this question. Unlike some of the other answers on here I’m not going to take shots at the US. I’ll be answering from a food perspective:

Poutine is the obvious choice – it’s the national food of Canada and available everywhere from McDonalds and KFC to small bars and pubs

Kinder Surprise strangely enough, is not available in the US but is in Canada

Ketchup (amongst other flavors) chips – Canada is known for having a massive variety of flavored chips you can find anything from Poutine flavored to Roast Chicken flavored chips here but Ketchup and All Dressed may be the most prominent flavors not available in the US

Hostess Hickory Sticks

Maple Leaf, Schneider’s, Pillars etc snack sausages

never have I in the US seen these types of sausage snacks available in standard supermarkets. I’ve seen your standard Jack Links stuff and Slim Jims but its not the same thing. In Canada you can see these snack sausages everywhere – and they’re amazing.

Clamato juice. We have them in all sorts of varieties in Canada, and it’s a key ingredient in the national cocktail of Canada – the Caesar.

French’s Ketchup it’s ironic that an American maker known mostly for making mustards in the US, would have a Canada only version of Ketchup to compete with Heinz

Whistler / Montelier / etc water yes Canada have our own premium brands of water!

Timbits – Donut holes from our national franchise Tim Hortons

Canada only chains – i.e Kelsey’s, Harvey’s, Montanas, Tim Hortons, Country Style, Coffee Time, Boston Pizza, New York Fries, East Side Mario’s, Swiss Chalet, Pizza Pizza, Pizza Nova etc

Smarties and Coffee Crisp. Ohhh Americans are really missing out…





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