What are the most toxic NBA debates that never seem to end well?

All the Kobe fans that think he’s top 2–5 all time and think he’s better than Lebron James.

It’s pure nonsense and based on ignorance, lies and misinformation. I can break down all the usual Kobe fanboy arguments.

First of all, let’s establish the facts here:

Stats-wise, Kobe only beats Lebron in FT%. That’s it. Lebron wins in every other category.
Awards-wise, Kobe only beats Lebron in championships and All-Def. That’s it.

Now let’s get the other stuff cleared up:

“Kobe is a winner, Lebron is a loser”

Lebron has won more playoff games, and at a higher % (win % of 66% in the playoffs vs 61% for Kobe).
Lebron also has a better record head to head vs Kobe at 16–6, and averages more PPG/RPG/APG in those matches.

The only reason why people say Kobe ‘wins more’ is because he has a better Finals record of 5–2 vs Lebron’s 4–6, which is very misleading because Kobe faced much easier teams in the Finals than Lebron did. The 2000 Pacers, 2001 76ers, 2002 Nets and 2009 Magic are some of the weakest Finals teams ever. The strongest team Kobe beat was a 50 win Celtics team with a post prime KG, Pierce and Allen on it. Meanwhile, Lebron had to face some of the best Spurs teams ever in the 2013 and 2014 Spurs, the 2015 Warriors with his second and third best teammates out, a 2007 Spurs team with his second and third best teammates being Zydrunas Ilguaskas and Drew Gooden, and a mega team of Curry/KD/Klay/Green in the 2017–2018 Warriors. The only legit loss he has is the 2011 Mavs.. and even then, that was a 57 win team that demolished Kobe’s Lakers that playoffs so how embarrassing is it really? Kobe in his prime with Shaq, Malone and Payton losing against the 2004 Pistons who had one all star and hall of famer in Ben Wallace is much more embarrassing. So context matters here.

“Kobe is more clutch than Lebron”

Lebron has more playoff buzzer beaters (5 vs 1 for Kobe) and averages 33.5 PPG in elimination games vs 22 PPG for Kobe. Lebron also has a 12–9 record in those games – Kobe’s record is 8–11. Lebron has a better FG% in go ahead / tying baskets in last 24s of playoff games as well. Kobe has ONE Finals series averaging 30+ PPG – Lebron has five Finals series averaging over 30+ PPG. Lebron also averages more in the Finals in every stat category on higher efficiency. Lebron has also never blown a 3–1 lead like Kobe has.

“Kobe needed less help than Lebron”

Kobe never got past the first round without Phil Jackson, Shaq or Pau Gasol.

This pretty much should demonstrate why Kobe not having help is a HUGE myth.

“Kobe beat more top 75 players and 50+ win teams than Lebron”

Kobe beat Duncan, Iverson, Kidd, Miller, Melo, CP3, KD, Westbrook, Pierce, Allen, KG in the playoffs
Lebron beat Duncan, Kidd, Curry, Dame, KD, Westbrook, Harden, Pierce, Allen, KG in the playoffs
They beat the same amount of top 75 players.

As for the 50+ win teams, Kobe has beaten more 50+ win teams but Lebron has beaten more 55+ and 60+ win teams. The only 60+ win teams Kobe beat in his entire career was the 2002 Kings. That’s it. Lebron beat the 73 win Warriors, swept a 60 win Hawks team and beat a 62 win Bulls team.

“NBA players all think Kobe is better than Lebron”


This was from a poll done in 2019 BEFORE Lebron won his 4th ring. Lebron was ranked higher in the GOAT convo than Kobe.

Also, every sports publication – ESPN, HoopsHype, Bleacher Report, SLAM, Sports Illustrated etc has Lebron ahead of Kobe.

Kobe fans reference stuff like outdated interviews where Jordan said Kobe was the only one who could beat him (irrelevant; that’s a 1v1 game and NBA isn’t played 1v1) or an outdated Larry Bird interview from 2012 before Lebron even won any rings.

“Lebron got outplayed by Jason Terry and JJ Barea in the Finals, Kobe never got outplayed”

Well, here’s the times Kobe got outscored by a non Hall of famer in the playoffs. Quite a bit, right? He was also completely locked up by Tayshaun Prince in the 2004 Finals, James Posey in the 2008 Finals, Shane Battier in the 2009 playoffs etc Kobe fans are willfully ignorant of these moments





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