What are some unique things about Korean women?

So everyone wants to know why I’m more attracted to Korean women so much more than any other girl. Here are the reasons:

-They are Asian, and I tend to prefer Asian faces, but Koreans in particular have that high upper cheekbone and squarish face that makes them particularly attractive to me.

-Really pale skin, just like Northeast China people (where I am from). Also every girl takes care of their skin really well.

-Every girl from high school age to their late 40s wears makeup. Not even exaggerating. They are also constantly checking their makeup in their mirrors pretty much everywhere. in Japan I saw maybe 40% of girls still bare-faced, and in China like 90% of girls are bare-faced. In HK/Taiwan maybe 60% bare-faced.

-90% of Korean girls don’t wear glasses. When I went to China maybe 50% of girls wore glasses and in Japan I think around 30%. In Taiwan/HK around 40%. in Korea hardly any girls wore them. I like girls who don’t wear glasses.

-Other cosmetic things like dying their hair, painting their fingernails and toenails etc the feminine stuff I love girls who are feminine.

-Alot of them work out or diet regularly as well, and I like girls who are slim.

-Their fashion sense is pretty amazing. Both men and women seem to care a lot more than other Asians and Westerners. For example, some of the more fashionable women dress like this during the winter:

Yeah, they wear miniskirts in the winter. And Seoul gets cold. When I went to some of the warmer parts of Asia like southern China, HK, Taiwan etc most women dressed casually like in California. I rarely ever saw Chinese women wear stockings in the winter, they usually wore pants or jeans. In Osaka and Shanghai it was still above 0, yet every girl there totally covered up as if it was minus degrees. Then I go back to Busan (same weather as Osaka/Shanghai), and there it is.. Korean women choosing fashion over comfort. Besides like one or two exceptions, I have not seen other women dress like this. That makes them pretty unique in my opinion.

-Their personality is really passive and feminine as well. They will often cover their mouths when they laugh, speak really softly or cutely to their boyfriends, hold their boyfriends arms when they are walking, make cute faces, wear couple clothes, take couple pictures, etc They respect men a lot. My Korean ex-gfs did those things with me, and I really enjoyed it.

-They are really loyal and make great mothers and wives. A lot of Korean women are fine with being housewives, which I like because it is more ‘traditional’