What are biggest misconceptions about South Korea and South Korean culture?

That South Korean women all had plastic surgery and are not as naturally beautiful as other girls. I’ve heard this comment SO many times. It’s actually the first thing people tell me when I mention Korean women are pretty. “Yeah but they had plastic surgery” “yeah but they aren’t naturally beautiful” etc ‘Didn’t you read that one internet story online about the guy having ugly babies with that beautiful girl? She must have had plastic surgery! We all know stuff on the internet has to be true and that beautiful people cannot have ugly children!’

https://www.seoultouchup.com/korean-plastic-surgery-statistics/ First off, it’s not true that Korean girls all had plastic surgery, it’s not even true that a plurality had plastic surgery. Anyone who has been to Korea can see theres a big gap between the girls who frequent Gangnam/Sansa/Apgujeong (probably 40% had surgery) and girls in other parts of the country (10% at most). And most surgery is double eyelids which are natural features other Asians have anyways. Not a big deal.

Secondly, it’s hurtful and insulting to Korean women. There’s no society in the world that has more or less “naturally beautiful women”. If someone says that ‘i.e Sichuan girls or Chongqing girls are the most naturally beautiful etc’ tell them that is statistically impossible.

Another misconception is that Korean girls are all superficial and materialistic. This implies that Korean women only care about their appearance and nothing else. Which is absurd. Sure, you see Korean girls taking out their mirror to check their appearance all the time and putting on makeup and caring about their fashion everyday – but that doesnt mean they don’t care about others. Korean women also care about their friends, boyfriends, family, husbands, children etc. Anyone who has lived in Korea can see how many couples are on the streets and how sweet Korean women are to their boyfriends. They are generally very devoted mothers and wives. And they are generally polite and warm to people they are close to on top of that.

Trust me I’ve dated Korean girls, they are very doting and caring about their boyfriends. They call them and text them and worry about them all the time.
Theres no rule in human society that says if you care about your appearance, you cannot care about other things. It’s absurd. There’s a bad misconception that you have to sacrifice ‘inner beauty’ to get ‘outer beauty’ and its totally not true. You can be beautiful on the inside and outside. Korean women are proof of that. And on the other hand Ive met girls that are terrible people personality wise and they were ugly looking as sin. So there’s the opposite as well.

And about the materialistic thing – hmm, I’ve never heard stories of Korean women forcing their bfs to carry their shopping bags or buying smartphones for them or making the guy pay for every single thing, or asking about how much money they make in the first 10 minutes of meeting them, oh wait thats Chinese women. Who’s materialistic now? I’ve never had a Korean girl ask me what my salary is, whether or not I own a car or house, etc my ex’s never cared about those things. And most Korean girls wear ‘no name’ made in Korea brands, rather than designer brands. So much for that whole materialistic thing.

I know why people want to believe it though. Many foreigners simply cannot believe that there could be such a high proportion of beautiful women in one race that all have similar faces. Must be something strange going on right? But the truth is there. Low genetic diversity, a culture focused on beauty, a conformist society that all have similar makeup and fashion styles, is it really that hard to believe that Koreans just have a higher proportion of beautiful women because they care more about their appearance than women in other cultures without resorting to the whole “plastic surgery” thing? It’s too simplistic to narrow it down to one factor – and this is perhaps why the many Chinese women who go to Korea to get plastic surgery done to look like their kpop idols … still fall short of being as beautiful as most Korean girls. They were hoping it was this one magical thing that can totally change you from being ugly into being pretty just like the ads but it isn’t that simple – many Korean girls have YouTube tutorials on their makeup, skincare and fashion routine – they put an ungodly amount of time into their appearance to look “perfect”.