Was Kobe Bryant’s 60 point performance in his last game the greatest last game by an NBA player?

In terms of points, sure.

In terms of actual greatness, no. That was just a regular season game in a season where the Lakers (and everyone forgets about this) only won 17 games total. Yes that’s right, Kobe wasn’t always winning like the revisionist history that’s been built around him shows. Plus that game was set up for Kobe to score a lot of points anyways, the Lakers were forced to pass him the ball and the Jazz weren’t playing any defense on him until the last few minutes.

This would have gone to Jordan IF he didn’t come back to play for the Wizards. Thus the next greatest last game will have to go to Bill Russell.

1969 Finals Game 7 in a close fought series – Russell and Sam Jones both show up clutch like always – Russell with a 21 rebound performance to close out the series and bring his 11th and final championship back home – and also his final game as a player. There’s nothing better than to retire and say you were undefeated in Game 7s right?


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