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Ok I haven’t formally updated for a while (just made lists of NBA players and gadgets) so here’s whats been going on:

I’ve been increasingly irritated these days, but not sure of the exact reason. Ever since I came back from Korea, I’ve been depressed and thinking about it everyday and wanting to go back.

I’ll finally get my chance to go back this weekend (finally!). But I’m not sure why I’m so moody these days. I’ve been getting into a lot of arguments with my friends over silly things and swearing a lot more and its just not like me.

I think I really started getting irritated from the beginning of this year, when my iPhone5S was stolen by a douchebag while I was sitting at a bus stop (I chased him down with my parkour skills but the phone was broken). Ever since then, I’ve not only been more paranoid, checking around me all the time, but also have more of a hatred towards American society. I can’t stand the way Americans do things anymore, I can’t even listen to English unless I’m at work anymore. This has caused me to be more irritated at life in general, just because I’m stuck in America and want to go to Korea.

This, and all the stress at work with my micro-managing co-worker. You can tell I really need a break.

I haven’t been studying Korean as much as in Feb/March which is sad. I blame this on Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls [shakes fist at game]. And I finished my second semester at Sejong Institute (where I had to sing and rap CNBlue at the ending presentation and take a quiz show).

And also working on my Korean app. The main blocking issue for that is now I have to upload an Apache configuration snippet up to my server which required me to switch to a VPS for Bluehost so I have to pay $300/mo but on the plus side, this site should be more stable. I have to upload that Apache snippet because my Korean app is using AJAX for everything and thus Google won’t be able to crawl it unless I make the server return escaped fragments via Seo4ajax.com. So yes working on that…

Tech stuff
I bought a NAS storage! A NAS storage is basically a networked array of hard drives that can serve as your personal “cloud” storage, if you will. Anyway I bought a Synology DS412+ and filled it with 4 3TB WD Reds so now I have 12TB of total storage that is networked and RAIDed, so 6TB of RAID 1 storage.

Synology DS412+ w/4 WD Reds
Synology DS412+ w/4 WD Reds

I had about 5 external hard drives I was using before, and now I just put all the data onto my NAS server now so it has everything on it :). And its also DLNA compliant so I can hook it up with my WDTV Live and BAM! I get to stream all my videos, movies, shows, etc from my NAS!

WDTV Streaming from the NAS
WDTV Streaming from the NAS

Oh and did I mention the Synology Linux-based OS is awesome? There’s video managers, photo managers, music managers, iTunes integration, a Torrent download client(!), and can be also used as a web server too. AND you can also access it from anywhere! Amazing purchase.

Synology OS
Synology OS

Yup! I got more gadgets to review again! I got a Sony P-series VAIO (came out in 2009) and a Sony UX-series VAIO (2006) for review, and also I did a little bit of hardware mods: First I modded my HP Envy 14, replacing the 6GB of Stock RAM for 8GB of Corsair Vengeance, then replaced the 500GB 7200rpm HDD with a 250GB Samsung EVO SSD, so it runs alot faster now :). Also I modded the UX VAIO I just got as well, replacing the 40GB 4200rpm HDD with 1.8″ 60GB MX Nano SSD. Not bad. It was a hell of a time dis-assembling it though, and given that it only accepts PATA ZIF connectors instead of the standard SATA/mSATA/PCI-e connectors, it was tough to find and replace. Here’s my handiwork:

HP Envy mod
HP Envy mod
Sony UX mod
Sony UX mod

I have a lot of reviews! I try to do at least one music video or review per week.

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