The Financial crap keeps coming + new home purchase

Never thought I would be fighting so much for these financial things in Canada.
-CRA mailed tax refund to wrong address
-Called CRA to get it changed to correct address. They said I need to fill out some form to invalidate the other check they sent and prove I never deposited it in my account. I filled it out and mailed it to them.
-CRA decided that they were going to re-assess my TFSA contributions for the past 10 years, and for some reason, decided I was a non resident in 2010 and 2011 (even tho I was) and compounded penalties on my account for the last 10 years, then put a $17,000 bill on my tax account.
-I filed a dispute claiming that the CRA did not calculate my contributions correctly. They said it will take up to 18 months to look at the dispute and resolve it. CRA took my tax refunds and $2,000 that I paid them earlier and withholds it from me because they think I still ‘owe’ them money while it’s in dispute. So for the next 18 months, I cannot get anything back from the CRA.
If you think that wasn’t enough…
-I returned $2000 worth of Amazon packages that I purchased to review on Youtube, and sent them all back with tracking.
-My credit card gets cancelled by TD because they thought some fraudulent transactions were on it and issues me a new card.
-Because my condo unit was broken into, all mail is re-routed to some faraway postal location and I have to take Uber there and back to receive my new card.
-Seller confirms they received the returns, Amazon says they refunded me for all of them.
-The refunded transactions got stuck on the old card. I have to call TD and ask them to manually push the refunded transactions onto my new card.
-One of the transactions refunded by Amazon ($1200 worth) never shows up on either my old card or new card and it’s been well over 7 business days. Amazon says they definitely refunded me and TD says they definitely don’t see anything on my old card and on my new card.
-I have to dispute this transaction to force Amazon to push me a correct refund that will actually show up on my card.
-A few days later I checked my credit card and saw what appeared to be a refund (TD customer rep confirmed this for me) and I asked TD to close the dispute
-but instead of closing the dispute they (for some reason) added ANOTHER dispute onto the card for the entire amount of my purchase again, without crediting me. So now I got the seller hounding me again about why im disputing another charge when I actually didn’t, and I got a massive charge on my credit card that just randomly appeared out of nowhere. Why did TD do this??
-I called them again, and TD said they made a mistake and adjusted the purchase back but then they made ANOTHER purchase adjustment debited on my card
-I called them again and the customer service rep said oh that was TD’s credit for the dispute not the seller’s refund. I said how is this possible, you guys told me it was the seller’s refund initially that’s why I closed the dispute. They said the person must have told me wrong, and they can’t re-open a closed dispute on the same transaction so they recommended me to talk to the seller again. So TD lied to me, and I can’t even re-open the dispute? I was furious about this.
-so I went to Amazon and asked about this and they gave me proof with the refund IDs and transaction IDs
-I then went to TD branch physically and booked an appointment so me and the service rep can call the credit card line together, and I explained to the custom service rep about the issue and how it was not a TD credit they gave to me but actually a result of them pushing the amazon refund credit back from my old credit card to my new one. I also confirmed with them that the dispute is closed and there should be no chargebacks against the merchant.
-Days later, I still find the charge on my credit card so I called them again, and this time the customer service rep reverses again and says no it was the TD credit again and not the amazon credit. I am at a loss for how to explain this – but since TD is the only one that has access to my old credit card, I cannot prove that the original credit on there was from the seller. But I really doubt that it’s a TD credit given the proof that Amazon and the seller both sent me screenshots of the refund. I told them to double check on their backend and make sure that is the case, because it’s impossible that the refund money just disappeared into thin air. It must have gone somewhere, either on my old card or new card.
-In any case, this whole thing has been a nightmare. It’s been over one month and I’m still dealing with it. Something as simple as a refund. Terrible. I don’t think I’ve dealt with anything quite as incompetent as the customer service reps TD has had for my credit card issues. How did a refund disappear into thin air??
So in addition to an ongoing lawsuit I’m still in (QuadrigaCX from last year, will not get resolved anytime soon), I have 2 disputes I’m currently waiting on resolution from that’s tying up at least $12,000 of my money, and that’s not even mentioning the fact that my previous Vancouver landlord scammed me earlier this year of my security deposit and I could have easily sued him for that but that would have put me into yet another lawsuit which I didn’t want to be in. And another financial situation I got into literally at the end of the year with a car rental that I had all the way back in Feb. Apparently I had damaged the car when I was backing it up and the rental company mailed all the damages (and DID NOT email me or call me or text me) to my old address so I never received any of the paperwork. I only just got a text from them on Dec 30, tell me I owe them $3,300, almost the last day of the year. Obviously by this time, I cannot claim the damages anymore as its past the 45 day mark, and the claim amount is preposterously high for what’s essentially a few scratches on the car. So yeah that’s definitely more bad financial luck for me.
I never thought my financial situation in Canada would be so complicated all the time. Why did I leave the US again..?

Another story with Fedex:
-Fedex supposed to deliver to me last week. I called them and asked them where my package was. They said they were waiting for my payment, and because of COVID19 they can only take payment by phone not by person (which is extremely weird because I paid a Fedex guy just last month in person).
-So I paid them, and the following week they never delivered. I called and asked where’s my package. They said they were waiting for payment. I said I already paid them, and they said ok we’ll deliver it to you the next day.
-Next day comes and goes, they never delivered. I called them again, they said they take some time for someone to pick up my package or something and it will be delivered soon.
-I’m still waiting for my package
WHY are people so incompetent in this country???? Like I have to call them multiple times just to get them to do their freaking job other news, I have decided to finally buy a new apartment, after selling my SF apartment in 2018 (effectively at a $200,000 loss since QuadrigaCX took all my proceeds of that sale), and it’s a pretty decent condo unit in Downtown Vancouver near BC place. This area is basically the ‘new’ Yaletown, and is probably going to be further developed in the future. The area has many of the same amenities and views as Yaletown, except the prices of the condos are roughly $50k cheaper for the same units on average, so I thought it was relatively ok. The place I ended up getting for $660,000 CAD ($500k USD) which was a decent discount from the list price of $689,000 CAD. It also comes tenanted which is nice, since I’m mostly looking for a place as an investment right now.
Plus, the interest rates right now in Canada are extremely low, and I managed to get approved for an interest rate of 1.6% variable, which is extremely low. 
I only have $120,000 CAD out of the $150,000 CAD I would need to cover the deposit on the condo (20% deposit) + closing costs, so I would need to borrow an additional $30k from my parents as well. I’m actually surprised that my parents can lend me that much given that I already lost them the money that they gave me for my SF apartment because of the QuadrigaCX mistake I made.
Oh yeah, and the stock market and crypto market BOTH skyrocketed up in Nov/Dec 2020 right after I took my money out of those markets in Oct to finance by home purchase. TSLA stock went from $350 to $650 and BTC went from $11k to $19k. FML. 

Remaining things to do:
-get a lawyer to write up the transfer of the deposit/rent/etc
-purchase insurance for the unit
-electricity isnt covered by the strata, so have to open a BC Hydro account for the condo and pay that as well
-borrow $40k from my parents to cover the deposit + closing costs
-Get $2000 bonus from CIBC for getting the mortgage with them. Lock in the 1.6% variable rate (I can switch to fixed at any time but the guy said that the rates should remain low for the next little while so I got nothing to worry about) for a $528,000 mortgage.
-Wait for CRA updates on dispute
-Wait for updates on QCX lawsuit from EY/MT
Items I purchased still waiting on:
-Astro Slide phone, coming out next year
-Cinera Edge, HMD backed in Kickstarter should be coming next year
-Atari VCS which I pre-ordered
-Jelly Phone 2, should be getting end of year