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  • Alternate income streams

    Ok, so beginning of 2019, my New Years resolution is to make back the money I lost last year. Which is around $150k give or take. I know, that’s ALOT of money to make back, and I’m still trying to figure how to make that much money back *while* giving me a path to go […]

  • March 2016 updates… wow year is 1/4 gone already…

    Some minor updates to give out these days: -Currently dating a wonderful Korean girl 🙂 the only regret I have is that I’m not sure how much time I have with her before I leave Korea… -The Golden State Warriors are hot hot hot! on pace for a record season that will probably surpass the […]

  • Youtube finally unbanned me from posting longer videos after 6 months

    back in July 2015 I posted a copyrighted audio track and after that strike, YouTube has banned me from posting videos longer than 15min for 6 months. Since I didn’t want to break up my videos into chunks, I waited the 6 months, and now 100 more videos have been uploaded to my channel that […]