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  • Web Development frameworks

    There’s an article on wikipedia comparing different web frameworks: The scope and breadth of these frameworks is quite vast, and it would be nice to do a more thorough comparison, especially among the ones using the same language. ASP.NET for example, has no less than six different web frameworks; quite daunting if you wanted to […]

  • Taking care of unfinished business

    Looks like some things are finally going under way. Our group accomplished alot on CSC318, and am almost done part 4. Good copy should be finished by tomorrow. CSC301 I finally figured out how to get the canvas element to work with CAKE, and apparently zoom is fixed as well, so looks like there’s hope […]

  • The Digital Revolution

    Firstly, this post is designed as a way to show off my Piclens slideshow capabilities so the amount of images present may be more than my previous posts. Today, I’d like to talk to you (dear readers and stalkers of my blog) about an important issue in society today. We are experiencing, or perhaps in […]