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  • Who,what,when,where,why,how

    Let’s learn the basic interrogative words: who,what,when,where,why,how,how much,and which 1. Who (누구), what (뭐,무엇), when (언제), where (어디), why (왜), and how (어떻게) are usually used before verbs. 2. Which (어떤,무슨) is usually used before nouns. 3. How much (얼마나) is usually used before adverbs or adjectives. 4. To add the meaning of ‘somebody, sometime, […]

  • (으)면 (if,when)

    V + (으)면 When we want to say a conditional sentence in Korean, a sentence that carries the meaning ‘if’, then we have to conjugate the Korean verb that we are using ‘if’ with, by replacing the ‘다’ stem with (으)면. 1. If the verb ends in a consonant, then we replace the verb stem […]