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  • Who are your favorite NBA players?

    Although I’m a millenial, most of my favorite players are from the older NBA eras. If I had to choose a current NBA player I’m a huge fan of – it would have to be Luka Doncic (yes it might surprise some of you that I’m not a Lebron fan, although I do defend him […]

  • Should overseas Chinese be loyal to China?

    Why should we be? Should overseas Europeans be loyal to their country? Should overseas Africans be loyal to their country? Should overseas Middle Easterners be loyal to their country? We need to get over ethnicity = have to support our country of origin. That to me is kind of ridiculous. Imagine being born in North […]

  • Who is the best all-around player in NBA history?

    There’s many definitions about what ‘all around’ means – does it mean good on both ends of the court (two way player) or does it mean good at scoring, rebounding and distributing. I’m going to actually go with both. Here are the top 5 players that are great at scoring, rebounding, distributing and playing both ends of the […]