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  • If you could rank your top 10 favorite watch brands, what would they be and why?

    I’m going to have divide this into two sections – watch brands that I admire (but cannot afford), and watch brands that are affordable to me, that I personally own (< $3k) that I like. Watch brands that I admire (but cannot afford) (1) A Lange & Sohne absolutely gorgeous design, beautifully decorated, very very […]

  • Why do so many people hate Rolex and those who wear them?

    For watch enthusiasts like myself, Rolex (and to a lesser extent Omega) is basically the epitome of the materialistic superficial ‘nouveau rich’; They buy it because its a status symbol. Its not that Rolex doesn’t make great watches – they certainly do – but there are certainly more historical brands that produce more exclusive pieces. Rolex is […]

  • Let’s talk watches

    TSo, a lot of people might know me as the guy who geeks out about laptops, computers, electronics, guitars and such. But some people might not know that I’m also a geek about watches as well. I’ve always liked mechanical watches, in particular, because I’m at heart an engineer and the engineering that goes into […]