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  • How did Wilt Chamberlain lose to Bill Russell?

    The Celtics had 3 all time clutch players in Russell, Havlicek and Sam Jones and Wilt (and his teammates) just didn’t have the same clutch gene. I also want to dispel the notion that the Celtics always had a superior team. Wilt had 4 different Game 7s against the Celtics in 1962, 1965, 1968, 1969 […]

  • If you could assemble a team of 5 fictional warriors, who would you choose?

    I dare any of you to make a team that can beat mine. I chose the 5 most powerful warriors I could find. Dr Manhatten 2. Superman Prime 3. The Beyonder 4. Zeno from DBS 5. Saitama “one punch man” So.. we got three all mighty invulnerable beings (superman prime, dr manhatten & beyonder), a god that […]