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  • What are your favorite underrated video games?

    My top 20 most underrated games more people should know about (I did gameplay videos for all these): 1) Rise of Legends (a fantastic RTS that takes inspiration from Starcraft) https://youtu.be/Lt4P-fnu0SY 2) Sleeping Dogs (amazing open world GTA clone except you’re a kung fu wielding triad double agent) https://youtu.be/GCR7O4ltvE4 3) Dark Sun: Shattered Lands (awesome […]

  • Back in SF, Hollywoods problem with Asians and issues with modern feminists

    Ok so first off, I’m back in SF, so I finally got a chance to review some really cool gadgets (videos below). I finally got to sell alot of my excess gadgets (though not all of them). Including my beloved Honda PCX which I had to sell because I wasn’t staying in SF long term, […]

  • Goal finally achieved – and 2015: Year in Review

    First of all, some updates: -Fallout 4, Starcraft II Legacy of the Void, and Just Cause 3 are amazing games (and Hearthstone league of explorers to a smaller extent). I beat the campaign in all of them. -PS Vita games Persona 4 Dancing All night and Steins Gate were two of my favorite stories yet! […]