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  • What is your GOTY (video game of the year) for 2022?

    So far it seems the GOTY candidates – two stand out above all – Elden Ring and God of War Ragnarok https://screenrant.com/god-war-ragnarok-comparison-elden-ring-gameplay-story/ For me, it’s Elden Ring and it’s not even close. Elden Ring is a massive improvement upon it’s predecessors Dark Souls, Sekiro and Bloodborne and improves upon them all by offering up the […]

  • What video game franchise was the most popular at the peak of its popularity?

    Well there’s a few contenders here in my eyes.. Pac-man and Space Invaders were the two greatest arcade games of the Golden Age of Arcades for basically kick-starting the interest in video games for most people. Also, these two games were responsible for the popularity of the first popular video game console the Atari 2600. […]

  • Questions about the selection of Classic Teams in NBA 2K

    Me and my friend who love NBA history have a few questions about the selections of the classic teams in NBA 2K and since the classic teams have mostly stayed the same for the past few years this applies to previous editions of NBA 2K as well as 2K21: Biggest complaint is why is there […]