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  • 아/어/여 (present tense)

    V + 아/어/여 When we want to speak in present tense, we conjugate korean verbs by removing the verb stem ‘다’ and replacing it with either 아,어 or 여. 1. When the verb’s last vowel ends in ㅏ or ㅗ, we replace the stem with ‘아’. 2. When the verb’s last vowel does not end […]

  • (ㄴ/은),운,(적)인 Adjectives

    In Korean there is a very simple way to make an adjective. DV + (ㄴ/은) 1.You take a descriptive verb, remove the ‘다’ base, and if it ends in a vowel, you add ㄴ to the bottom, and if it ends in a consonant, you append 은, and place it in front of the noun […]

  • 기,는 것,ㅁ/음 (verb into noun)

    In Korean there are several ways to turn a verb into a noun. In English, we often use ‘-ing’ to do this; I like eating = I like the act of ‘to eat’. I enjoy listening to music = I enjoy the act of ‘to listen to music’. And so forth. There are three ways […]