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  • Eastern Europe Trip 2015

    Just got back from Eastern Europe. A well needed 2 weeks of break from the constant busy life of Seoul. I chose eastern europe because it was not as well-travelled as western europe and indeed quite underrated. There’s many very beautiful cities, many cities torn by previous warfare and a lot of history. In addition […]

  • BitTorrent and Korea

    I have two major updates that happened to my life recently: I changed companies I’m currently working for BitTorrent Inc as a Front End Engineer. Yes, though my old company (Switchfly Inc) was a pretty good company to work for, I’ve decided to take up new opportunities… BitTorrent’s stack consists of Python, MongoDB, BackboneJS and […]

  • Switchfly Fedex Day Projects: Facebook integration, Passbook Integration

    My company, Switchfly have events called FedEx days, which basically means we set aside 24 hours for employees to work on whatever project they wanted given that it provides some business value to our application. Fedex Day 1: So, I joined with a few other engineers and business people to create Facebook sharing and liking […]