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  • What did you think of the NBA’s 75 greatest players of all time list?

    For reference here is the list of the NBA’s 75 greatest players chosen by them I agree with most of this list, but there are of course players I disagree with and players who I would have rather seen in this list. First off, we have to mention that for the NBA, like always, ignores […]

  • What do you think of Chinese people?

    Things I like about Chinese people: -Hardworking -Ambitious -Confident -Willing to take risks -Brutal honesty Things I don’t like about Chinese people: -They lost their humility. Now they are too nationalistic, they always like to brag about China and how its better than other countries a lot, their cities, their food, their women etc and […]

  • What do you think about China?

    I guess I come from the unique perspective of having been to all the East Asian countries (China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea) and my feelings about China has changed because of this. Roughly 30% of my friends are Chinese and 40% Korean. Before I lived in Korea, I was in China for a few months, visiting […]