Tag: tense

  • 아/어/여 (present tense)

    V + 아/어/여 When we want to speak in present tense, we conjugate korean verbs by removing the verb stem ‘다’ and replacing it with either 아,어 or 여. 1. When the verb’s last vowel ends in ㅏ or ㅗ, we replace the stem with ‘아’. 2. When the verb’s last vowel does not end […]

  • 고 있다 (Present Progressive Tense)

    AV + 고 있다 Present Progressive tense is the tense you use when you are saying you are currently doing something. In English the equivalent ending is ‘-ing’. In Korean, we remove the ‘다’ part of the verb, and replace it with 고 있어요, which is the usual polite form. Note that the honorific version […]

  • (ㄹ/을)게요 (promise to do, decision based on event)

    AV + (ㄹ/을)게요 This is a slightly complicated ending. This ending is a future form ending similar to (ㄹ/을)거예요 except in this case, we are making a decision based on an event, such as what someone else said, or a change of plans, or a promise to do something. To make this ending, we conjugate […]