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  • Does Lebron really make the players around him better?

    Yes. This shouldn’t even be a debate, for people who actually watch Lebron play and know basketball it’s not even questionable. It usually revolves around the fact that whenever a star player joins Lebron their stats always drop and casuals use this as their argument. Because Lebron is ball dominant and he orchestrates the offense, this […]

  • How would a team of the greatest ABA players do in the modern NBA

    well you’re talking about 1970s players. Any 1970s players – NBA or ABA – would have to probably work out a bit more and train harder because that was something that was not as common back then. A diet and fitness regime was a novelty in the 70s and only a few players like Kareem […]

  • Do you think the Lakers should trade Lebron and rebuild?

    Good question https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DLz_VwV-kAA   Some youtubers have already put their thoughts into this topic. While Lebron is still playing at a very high level and is still easily the best player on the team, the prevailing opinion is that Lebron will leave the Lakers once his contract is up to play with his son Bronny […]

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