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  • Why are so many gamers opposed to using the EPIC game store?

    Because gamers are being selfish, no more no less. They want everything to be one platform because its more convenient to them – not caring about what it actually means to the developers themselves. Do you think developers would willingly fracture the PC gaming base? No of course not. Developers chose Epic exclusivity because Epic […]

  • I’m not known to spend money wisely…and how I use my facebook

    How bad is my spending habits? Well I logged into Mint.com, and took a look – and it ain’t pretty. Here’s where I spending went: -Kickstarter projects: $1,849 (since 2014) -Steam games: $2,747 (since 2014) -Magic online: $333 (since 2011) -Amazon: $24,751 (since 2011) -Ebay/Paypal: $14,422 (since 2011) -SFMTA (parking tickets + scooter towing): $3,987 […]

  • Comments on recent news and trends

    I haven’t done a commentary on current or slightly old events for a while now… about time I did this! Maybe I will v-log it as well (also something I haven’t done in a while). Edit: v-logs are here! httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qtfPZdRCx8s httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oo6IVaXZ3rM Tech trends… Hmm. Let me give me opinion on some tech trends. regarding VR, […]