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  • I’m not known to spend money wisely…and how I use my facebook

    How bad is my spending habits? Well I logged into Mint.com, and took a look – and it ain’t pretty. Here’s where I spending went: -Kickstarter projects: $1,849 (since 2014) -Steam games: $2,747 (since 2014) -Magic online: $333 (since 2011) -Amazon: $24,751 (since 2011) -Ebay/Paypal: $14,422 (since 2011) -SFMTA (parking tickets + scooter towing): $3,987 […]

  • Clothes, Shopping

    I’ve always been a person who finds image important to the way people perceive you. It is almost as important as communication skills in the role it plays in other people’s impression of you. I’ve already done a whole project (CSC318) on how people choose their clothes and everything, so I’d just like to say […]