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  • Is Shanghai better than Seoul? Why?

    both great cities! Shanghai is my favorite city in China, it’s definitely the most modern Chinese city. Comparing the two – Shanghai is more diverse and cosmopolitan, it’s also the bigger city of the two (24 million vs 10 million). Both places are very expensive to live in, but Shanghai is slightly more unaffordable for […]

  • Which city is more technologically advanced, Shanghai, Seoul, Taipei, or Tokyo?

    I’ve been to all of these cities. Umm its a close one, they are all WAY more advanced technologically than any US cities. Public transportation, etc are all vastly superior. They are all cities well known for high technology. I will say probably Tokyo is still #1 – it’s been probably the most technologically advanced […]

  • Lack of Asian representation in US media (Movies, Music, Video Games)

    Like the title says, there is a lack of Asian representation in American media (TV, Movies, Music, Video games, etc), and while it doesn’t especially bother me, it does annoy me that when Asians do appear in media, it usually reinforces negative stereotypes. For example, Asian men are usually depicted as shy and nerdy, or some […]