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  • Update – Waxing nostalgic + Traveling in Calgary / Bay Area / Seattle

    With all those Quora posts I made, I feel like I haven’t done a real actual update on my life in a while so I’ll do one now. This year has been more or less an even less exciting version of last year (which was already pretty non exciting). COVID19 pandemic continues to spread throughout […]

  • The 7 year California journey comes to an end

    “Time is our most valuable commodity. We can always earn back money, but we can never earn back our time. Stop worrying about the future, and treasure the present. Cherish the people we have around us and the time we spend with them,we don’t know when they might be gone someday.” So finally my place […]

  • 2017: Year in Review

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays once again. And once again, I feel that 2017 has gone by way too fast lol. Perhaps its because I spent most of this year at home and not really going outside and meeting new people and making friends like I did when I lived in Korea.. Highlights -Saved and […]