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  • Do you think ‘tip culture’ is getting out of hand in the US? Why or why not?

    Of course. I’ve always been of the opinion that tip culture is absolute BS, especially for people who have lived abroad in non tipping cultures like in Asia. There’s a few problems I have with tipping culture. Firstly, the fact that employers basically can underpay their workers and use customers to subsidize their wages and […]

  • Why I like Korean girls and a complicated dilemma

    Edit Here’s my official explanation for why I’m so focused on Korean girls because I get asked this ALOT. I get this asked to me alot because I know that if I were Korean and I told people I only like Korean girls no one would care but because I’m a foreigner (albeit born only […]

  • The Plight of Chinese Consumers

    As everyone knows, Apple unveiled several new products yesterday at their developers conference. New updates for iOS, OS X, and of course, the new Macbook Pro was the most discussed. Of most interest to me, was the new Chinese features that Apple introduced to iOS and OS X, especially the new language updates for Siri. […]