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  • Does Lebron James take PEDs?

    No, it’s another one of those hater myths. https://qr.ae/prMOqE ^ The evidence for Lebron taking PEDs seems to be that Lebron was skinny when he was younger and now he’s buff and built like this. Can’t be normal right? There’s a few key reasons why it’s more plausible that Lebron didn’t take PEDs and here […]

  • Does LeBron ruin teams by trading away the roster to create his superteams?

    So this is yet another anti-Lebron rumor started by his haters and widely believed by NBA fans online (since a majority of them are Bron haters) – that he is “LeGM” and he trades away players at will in order to create his ‘handpicked’ superteams. Well, this isn’t true: https://lakersnation.com/jeanie-buss-pushes-back-that-lebron-james-klutch-sports-run-lakers-but-wants-them-to-have-confidence-in-organization/2022/05/10/ And it should have been […]

  • What are biggest misconceptions about South Korea and South Korean culture?

    That South Korean women all had plastic surgery and are not as naturally beautiful as other girls. I’ve heard this comment SO many times. It’s actually the first thing people tell me when I mention Korean women are pretty. “Yeah but they had plastic surgery” “yeah but they aren’t naturally beautiful” etc ‘Didn’t you read that one […]