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  • Top 10 most coolest/innovative mobile phones (2020 edition)

    There’s been a lot of mobile phone designs throughout the years, but IMO the coolest and innovative ones came from the 2000s. A time when mobile phones started becoming popular and trendy and manufactures started experimenting with different designs. A time before the iPhone and Android phones homogenized the way that phones look into a […]

  • Interior design for retro/modern styled electronics/speakers

    When it comes to furniture and electronics I’m actually quite interested in how things look and are placed. That’s why I like playing The Sims a lot just for the ability to design your own home and place all the furniture and stuff. When I first got my SF apartment I carefully selected the right […]

  • What are some of the most incredible technologies that became lost in time?

    Palm Pilots / PDAs – before smartphones, people carried these around to take notes and keep track of appointments iPod Classic. When I first saw these I was amazed that such a small device could fit so many songs – and the clickwheel was magic – it moves the navigation when you move your thumb […]