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  • Thoughts on Bitcoin and making money

    I’ve been reading about Bitcoin a lot lately. It’s a very interesting concept… its a crypto-currency, its value is only worth as much as how much people are willing to accept it. The more Bitcoin is used, the more value it has and the more accepted it becomes. There are two ways to get Bitcoin: […]

  • 10 Ways to Make Money

    You miss 100% of the opportunities you don’t take. You’re rejected by 100% of the girls you don’t ask out. You are rejected by 100% of the companies you don’t apply for. If you are afraid of failure, then you’ve already failed. Those who dare to fail greatly, often achieve the greatest success. Life is […]

  • United States real estate market

    Smart people don’t work for money, the money works for them. A few posts back, I mentioned the living costs of California compared to Ontario. Those are based on the assumption that you will rent. Renting is perhaps the least wisest financially, in ways that you live. The money goes to the landlord and you […]