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  • Which legendary basketball player is the hardest or trickiest to rank in the all time greatest player ranking?

    George Mikan I have no idea how to rank this guy, and most analysts don’t. He played in an era that was just so different. No shot clock, no goaltending (those came about due to Mikan’s influence). Black basketball players were very very few. But, resume wise, Mikan is arguably a top 10 player of […]

  • What is the best video game of all time for you, and why?

    I have two lists: Top 100 most influential video games all time and top 100 best (quality) video games of all time. https://youtu.be/o1O0hH7QM7I https://youtu.be/1TI8LaQUaEU These two lists are slightly similar but mostly different in the titles they use i.e Doom II is a better game than Doom 1 but Doom 1 is much more influential. […]

  • What are the best RPG games of all time (top 5)?

    Here’s my top 75: https://youtu.be/hgX2t1z2gBc Did a video ranking all these RPGs… Also did a countdown video for these RPGs.. https://youtu.be/jyGoyCZHRFI So far my list goes something like.. Chrono Trigger Final Fantasy VI Baldurs’ Gate II Diablo II Elder Scrolls: Oblivion Deus Ex Elden Ring Persona 5 Mass Effect 2 Final Fantasy IX Earthbound Planescape: […]