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  • Why are the Chinese so nationalistic?

    Chinese people are generally more optimistic about their country than others. 85% of Chinese are optimistic about their country – see this excellent answer already – Robin Daverman’s answer to Why is Chinese nationalism so popular on Quora? While obviously nationalism exists in all countries, it seems disproportionately popular when it comes to questions about China. if […]

  • What are your thoughts on the upcoming movie “Crazy Rich Asians”?

    I liked it, I guess as a Chinese-Canadian I’m glad to see a Hollywood movie come out that finally portrays Asian men in a positive light. In too many Hollywood movies, Asian girls and Asian men have been portrayed in a dichotomous way with double standards: Asian girls always the hot young beautiful sex fantasy […]

  • Why do a lot of Chinese, Japanese and Koreans think they are racially superior?

    I think all three countries have arrogance for different reasons. Keep in mind though that I don’t think Chinese/Koreans/Japanese are overall very arrogant; I find Americans to be generally the most arrogant out of all people I’ve interacted with. Chinese have a lot of pride in their 5,000 year history. Many Chinese will mention that […]