Migrating everything to Github

I’ve migrated (open sourced) a bunch of my portfolio projects and media articles to Github. The reasons for this are: -Github is being used as cloud storage for all my lifetime work -Anyone can clone, fork and contribute to my repos (for example if you want to add sheet music to my sheet music repo)… Continue reading Migrating everything to Github

Computer Science education

The only CS course I’m taking this semester is a Capstone Design project. This semester’s theme is CS education. There’s about 6 students in total including me in the course, and each week we write a summary about a research paper that a group of CS professors have done, and discuss them. Our assignments are… Continue reading Computer Science education

Stress, Stress

I think ironically, though I am only taking 3 courses this semester, I’m somehow busier than last semester. Anyways, I’ve been job searching the past few weeks, and it’s almost like having another course because I have to study for these interviews. In addition to all my assignments, I think I’m booked till the end… Continue reading Stress, Stress