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  • What are the things that are ONLY in Canada, but not in US?

    Lived most of my life in Canada and a good 5 years in the US to answer this question. Unlike some of the other answers on here I’m not going to take shots at the US. I’ll be answering from a food perspective: Poutine is the obvious choice – it’s the national food of Canada and […]

  • When will made in China be as respected as made in Japan or made in Korea?

    The thing is made in China encompasses such a diverse array of products. IPhones and MacBooks are made in China, but those are often thought of as high quality products. Most people associate made in China products with cheap knock off products on Walmart and Amazon, and that’s true, there is a lot of Chinese […]

  • The Plight of Chinese Consumers

    As everyone knows, Apple unveiled several new products yesterday at their developers conference. New updates for iOS, OS X, and of course, the new Macbook Pro was the most discussed. Of most interest to me, was the new Chinese features that Apple introduced to iOS and OS X, especially the new language updates for Siri. […]