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  • Who has been the best/worst US president and why?

    I’m going to name two Republicans as both the best and worst of modern times Best Dwight Eisenhower – Ended the Korean War, Responsible for the Interstate highway system, established NASA, as well as starting off desegregation. Warned us about the military industrial complex. A war hero and a great American. Worst This guy… what […]

  • Opinions on JFK shooting: Do you think it was a lone shooting?

    Yes. After watching probably tens of documentaries and conspiracy videos and reading tons of conspiracy books as well, I’ve come to the Occam’s Razer conclusion that the simplest explanation is probably the most likely explanation. And why wouldn’t it be? President Garfield and President McKinley were assassinated by lone nuts. Why is it so hard […]

  • Why is Andrew Jackson so unfairly hated?

    Andrew Jackson has been unfairly reviled by modern day people, because his accomplishments has always been more than whatever shortcomings were in his character. He was a war hero, the only President to ever pay off the US debt, fought against the banks, founder of the Democratic party and was overall a well respected President well into […]