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  • Who was the better NBA Point Guard: Chris Paul or John Stockton?

    Chris Paul. John Stockton only really has one thing on CP3 which is longevity. And Stockton honestly has that over EVERY point guard. Stockton was one of the most durable players ever, he was a tough player, and also a dirty player and averaged double digit assists longer than anyone else. However, we can’t use […]

  • Do people think John Stockton is overrated as an NBA point guard? Why or why not?

    I think how highly he is rated depends how much you value longevity. Stockton’s all time ranking is based almost solely on his ridiculous longevity – a feat shared with his teammate Karl Malone. Stockton’s all time assist record of 15k assists and 3k steals is unlikely to be broken – in fact Kareem’s ‘unbreakable’ […]

  • Is Chris Paul a better point guard than Isiah Thomas?

    I think Chris Paul is definitely the better player. But Isiah had the better career. Isiah had the benefit of playing on a really great team with a bunch of hall of famers like Joe Dumars, Dennis Rodman, Adrian Dantley and all star level players like Bill Laimbeer and Mark Aguirre and great role players […]