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  • Why do taller NBA players tend to shoot worse than shorter NBA players?

    Because most tall NBA players dominated with their height and/or athletic advantage, and didn’t bother to improve their skills as much as shorter less athletic players. Thing is when you’re talking about the NBA, you’re talking about an elite group of players right? Now think about players who are 5′11 to 6′3 – these group […]

  • What is the most overrated thing?

    Oh boy here goes… I’ll list stuff I find overrated and stuff I find underrated. As most people who know me I am very opinionated: Overrated Films: -Citizen Kane (doesn’t stand up as well as other films of its era like Mr Smith or Casablanca) -Terminator 2 (the characters and storyline is just ok, and […]

  • Is Dwight Howard one of the most disrespected players of all time?

    all time is a bit rough. I think if we look all time, George Mikan is somehow missing from top 10 most influential lists despite being the key reason why the goaltending and shot clock rules exist, and widened lanes exist. And oh yeah, he introduced the 3pt line as ABA commissioner. Not having George […]

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