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  • Who is the best NBA player that doesn’t get enough credit?

    in my opinion it’s Pau Gasol https://www.sportscasting.com/pau-gasol-comments-show-how-crucial-kobe-bryant-legacy/ He really was the key catalyst for Kobe and the Lakers to go to 3 straight Finals winning 2 more rings and most people don’t appreciate just how valuable Gasol was. The problem is a lot of Lakers fans are not Lakers fans at all but in fact, […]

  • Why is Kobe so overrated?

    There’s a lot of reasons I can go into on why Kobe is so overrated, but let’s get this out of the way first: When I say Kobe is overrated, I don’t mean he’s not an all time great player, he’s still a top 15 player all time. It’s the fact that because of a […]

  • Was Kobe the most dominant player ever when he led the league in scoring and carried his team to 2 championships?

    Define dominant. When people refer to dominant, they usually talk about Wilt leading the league in scoring 7 times, rebounding 11 times, assists once, averaging 50 PPG, 27 RPG etc Or they talk about Shaq who was consistently double and triple teamed on his way to the basket and no defender could do anything about […]