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  • What is your favorite pedal for an electric guitar?

    I like overdrives. Overdrives are my favorite guitar effect, it’s soft clipping which creates a smoother tone than hard clipping distortion and fuzzes and a lot of ODs enjoy being stacked. And there’s so many flavors of them. https://youtu.be/dhSld6ed0F8https://qr.ae/pGQ8vl In the answer above I posted about the different OD types. In particular though, I’m beginning […]

  • What are the most important pedals to include on a pedal board?

    Well it depends on your needs and preferences… for me this is what I have and the order I have it Guitar -> Tuner pedal – I use the Boss TU3 for its great buffer which is important to preserve your tone when you have a bunch of pedals with true bypass. True Bypass is […]

  • Best Overdrive Guitar pedals

    A while ago, I made a post about the best small handwired tube amplifiers, and what better to follow that up than with the best overdrive guitar pedals, both mainstream and boutique kinds. I’m going to look at ‘traditional’ overdrives, and not the crazy wacky ones with a million different settings. Let’s take a look. […]