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  • Which are the most underrated PC video games?

    I’m going to mention a few beloved games I played and I think should be experienced by more people. Traffic Department 2192 (1994) https://youtu.be/gFbvlhk9LGQ This game has one of the most insane sci-fi stories I’ve ever played through. Aliens, Cyborgs, mind control, clones, betrayal, etc it’s all here. The gameplay itself is a bit repetitive […]

  • Why are online services on gaming consoles paid as opposed to free online on PC?

    PC online gaming at one point, used to be paid. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Total_Entertainment_Network The early days of online gaming was indeed monetized through subscription service ^ like TEN for example. This is because they can provide less latency than the common dialup connections of the time. http://ten.net/199706/html/games_on_ten.html FYI Ten’s very 1990s website is STILL up and able […]

  • My Audiophile dilemma…

    So yes, I guess you could consider me an ‘audiophile’ in the sense I care a lot about the nuances and details that go into audio components in order to produce the best sound quality possible. This goes back to my hobby as a guitarist. As a guitarist, I absolutely obsessed with over every component […]