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  • Why do so many Chinese Americans support the Republican Party’s often-racist doctrines?

    Because Chinese are pretty in line with Republican policies: -Chinese are racist. We don’t like dark skinned people -Chinese don’t like affirmative action, since it works against us -Chinese don’t like illegal immigration. Almost all of us are legal immigrants. -Chinese believe marriage should only be between man and woman. No LGBT support. -Chinese don’t […]

  • Why are people still supporting the Democratic party?

    I’m an independent, I’m liberal on some issues, conservative on others. The Republican party USED to be a good party that actually aligned with conservative values, but sometime after Ronald Reagan it started drifting from those conservative values (like being fiscally conservative and small government) and started drifting towards the extreme right, and becoming completely […]

  • How is China’s communist party rule different than other unsuccessful communist regime?

    China isn’t the same country as it was when Mao Zedong was chairman. Mao-era China was essentially what North Korea is now. Today’s China is a meritocratic capitalist country with fierce government control is the way I would describe it. So, how does China compare with its more ‘democratic’ neighbors Japan/Korea/ROC(Taiwan)? -In China, the ruling […]