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  • Chinese and Conservative

    First post of the year. One thing I noticed about myself as I got older was that I started becoming more aware of my Chinese culture. Well here’s the story. I was raised in a small city with virtually no other Chinese people. So I started becoming very white washed. I lost all my Chinese […]

  • Parents are very influential and America’s influence

    I’ve discovered that your parents are probably the single greatest influence on your life; more so than your peers. For one, your parents are the one’s who gave birth to you, therefore you inherit their genes. Whether or not you wear glasses, grow tall, which language you speak, where you live and grow up all […]

  • Parents are bothersome sometimes

    You know how you have love-hate relationships with some people? my parents are those people. I love them, and they’re probably the people I most care for (I remember the last time I cried was in a dream when my dad died), they mean a lot to me; but sometimes they just get on my […]