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  • Is Eric Clapton overrated as a guitarist?

    I think so. He basically rode the ‘Clapton is God’ fame for a while, and his best work was his early years with the YardBirds, John Mayall, Cream, Blind Faith and Derek and the Dominoes (notice that he never stayed too long in any one group?). After that he ventured more into pop and blues-pop. […]

  • How is the Japanese culture overrated?

    It’s not. Japanese culture is underrated if anything. IMO Korea is the country with the overrated culture. Why is Korea overrated? And keep in mind – I’m saying this while being someone who loves Korea, learned Korean, moved to Korea to live there for a few years, and have more Korean friends than American/Canadian friends. […]

  • Do you think LeBron James is underrated by fans and media? If so, why?

    I’d say he’s properly rated by the media, but underrated by fans because he gets overhated on. He’s easily the most hated athlete online, and lots of people on social media basically make a living off of hating on him. For example.. just going off of what I saw on social media, easily the most […]