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  • Why is Kobe so overrated?

    There’s a lot of reasons I can go into on why Kobe is so overrated, but let’s get this out of the way first: When I say Kobe is overrated, I don’t mean he’s not an all time great player, he’s still a top 15 player all time. It’s the fact that because of a […]

  • Who was a better defender, Kobe or LeBron?

    It’s Lebron, and it’s not that close. Kobe fools casuals into thinking he’s a great defender because he has 12x All-Def selections. In his early years, especially 1999–2003 he was a very solid defender but after that, he started slacking off on defense. A lot of these All-Def selections were not deserved, and based on […]

  • What is the biggest NBA myth?

    A lot of myths are associated with Kobe Bryant. He’s probably the single most overhyped and overrated player ever. It’s because Kobe is such a beloved player that his fans constantly hype up everything he does. Every great game Kobe has is treated as something that NOBODY else can do. Everytime Kobe plays through an […]