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  • Is LeBron James overrated?

    No, I think overall he is properly rated by analysts and underrated by the general public. https://youtu.be/VSqz1aJnARE Lebron has been under the most scrutiny by any player in NBA history. And problem is, most of the media will take ANY opportunity to talk about Lebron whether good or bad. And fact of the matter is, […]

  • Who was the most overrated NBA player defensively?

    Kobe Bryant. His 12x All-Def selections would have you believe he was one of the greatest defenders ever. He wasn’t. -Never led the league in Def BPM -Never led the league in Def Rating -Never locked or shut anyone down in the playoffs -Outscored by everyone from Leandro Barbossa, Cliff Robinson, Jason Terry, Jalen Rose […]

  • Why is Kobe so overrated?

    There’s a lot of reasons I can go into on why Kobe is so overrated, but let’s get this out of the way first: When I say Kobe is overrated, I don’t mean he’s not an all time great player, he’s still a top 15 player all time. It’s the fact that because of a […]