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  • 마세요,말고 (stop doing)

    We can make use of the honorific particle (으시) that we learned in imperative actions, like telling someone to stop doing something. To do that, we just replace the verb stem ‘다’ with ‘지 마세요’. If we want to say do B instead of A, we use ‘지 말고’ instead. V + 지마세요 1. The […]

  • Global trends, Equality and Financial Situations

    I’ve just watched the Obama Deception, you can view it here: [tubepress video=”eAaQNACwaLw”] The premise of the Obama Deception is a conspiracy theory related to the New World Order. Now I know America has been the home to countless conspiracy theorists regarding everything from the Federal Reserve to JFK to 9/11, but this video I […]