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  • Why don’t internet chat rooms exist anymore like in the 90s?

    They still sorta exist but its pretty much in the form of applications and games now. Any multiplayer online game is essentially a chat room. Matchmaking lobbies have always been chat rooms. VR apps like Big Screen, Altspace, Sansar, VRChat, Facebook Spaces are all virtual chat rooms. One of the first avatar based chat rooms […]

  • What horrible video game trend just won’t go away?

    Online multiplayer this is the worst video game trend. Here’s what you needed to play a game with 3 friends back in 1997: -An N64 -A TV -A copy of Goldeneye 007 -4 controllers That’s it! And you had split screen multiplayer and a LAN party was born. Super Smash Bros? Sure. Halo 2? Good […]

  • Hacking and Duping in Ragnarok Online eAthena RC5 servers

    This is a tutorial I made five years ago and although it may be a bit outdated, for archival purposes I want to post it here (and anyone still using eAthena RC5 or below can still use these hacks). For many of these tricks, you are going to need: 1) A Ragnarok Online server running […]