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  • 을/를 (object particle)

    N + 을/를 Appending 을/를 to a noun denotes the object of the sentence. When the noun ends in a consonant, the ending 을 is used. When the noun ends in a vowel, 를 is used. The object particle is usually used to indicate specifically which noun in the sentence is being acted on by […]

  • Korean Grammar, Verb/Noun Conjugations, Continued…

    Korean Grammar, Verb/Noun Conjugations, Continued…

    Continuing from my previous post on learning korean, I’ve found that many textbooks and beginning korean grammar books are insufficient. Mainly, they’re too old fashioned and often teach you very formal, polite ways of saying things. But I want to be able to talk to my korean friends using colloquial modern usage!! I’m not going […]

  • Update: Learning Korean

    Update: new, more indepth korean grammar post here. So a couple posts back, I described how I was beginning to learn Korean, an exciting new language that is both similar yet different from Chinese. So far, I’ve found that although I’ve progressed, I haven’t progressed as quickly as I had when I first started. The […]